Oftalmología humanista.

A project born from the search to emphasize the personal side of private medicine. We want to prioritize, based on close contact and reasonable costs , the solid development of an effective relationship between the patient and the health professional.

We understand the magnitude of the fear that comes with suffering eye disease or losing vision, and we will try, by the use of evidence-based approaches and treatments, to transform the feeling of vulnerability into trust and solidarity.

Trust and solidarity between the clinic and our patients.

Our Team

Dr. Víctor Alonso Flores Aguirre

Originally from the city of Chihuahua, having been brought up in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, he was incorporated into the ITESM system from age 15, in the prestigious International Baccalaureate program.

He graduated medical school with the degree of summa cum laude for academic excellence, and was awarded the medal of excellence by the National Center for the Evaluation of Superior Education.

He went through 5 years of ophthalmic and glaucoma training in the Rambam Healthcare Campus, part of the highest ranked university for technology in the Middle East, Technion Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel. After a short period of private practice in the city of Monterrey, he migrated to the island of St Lucia in the Lesser Antilles, the area in the world where the most aggressive glaucoma is the number one cause of permanent visual impairment. There, he was a pioneer in the performance of glaucoma surgery. Along his training, Dr Victor Flores has published several scientific articles and spoken at international conferences, on top of a vast virtual education in subjects such as philosophy, ethics, religion, politics, neurosciences, and the biology of evolution.

He has practiced medicine in 4 different countries, and traveled to all continents for education. The main professional priority of Dr. Flores is the practice of evidence based medicine in an environment of trust, fraternity, tolerance, and humanism.

Lic. Elina Leashov

Born in Crimea, having migrated to Israel at an early age, she was educated in the University of Haifa as a Bachelor in Physiotherapy, with a very extensive parallel curriculum in oriental dance.

Currently she is the manager and administrator of the project of Humanist Ophthalmology, and has as a main objective to individualize the relationship with each of the person that trusts in us, and to dedicate all her efforts to guarantee that all of the aspects around the medical treatment are generated in a climate of hospitality and respect.