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The Human Side of Private Medicine

We prioritize the development of a solid and effective relationship between the patient and the health professional.

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Working hours:

Monday to Friday
From 9:30 to 14:00 and
from 16:00 to 19:00

from 9:30 to 14:00

Our Services

Yearly routine examinations and glasses prescriptions

Multimodal treatment for dry eye

Diagnosis, follow up and management of Keratoconus

Medical and surgical management of glaucoma

Cataract surgery

Diagnosis and non surgical treatment of ocular diabetes

Therapies for Blepharitis

Diagnosis and treatment of uveitis

Conjunctivitis and chronic dry eye

Foreign body excision

Medical treatments for corneal erosions and infections

Diagnosis of diseases of the optic nerve and visual pathways


Specialized professionals and state-of-the-art technology

We rely on highly trained specialists, focused on providing you with quality care and human warmth.

Our equipment for diagnosis and treatment meets the highest international standards.

English fluently spoken by every member of our team.  Large international experience.

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Years of practice


Hello, I want to publicly express my gratitude for the attention of Dr. Victor Flores, ophthalmologist, who treated me with great professionalism. Sometimes, in the partial darkness of vision and of life itself, you encounter physicians who place their professional pride before human beings. I had such an experience. But after, through sheer luck, I met this physician Dr. Victor Flores, who despite his youth has acquired a lot of professional experience, and on top of that I note the inherent grandeur of the human quality with which he performs his professional tasks.
In the world there should exist more wonderful healthcare providers like yourself for the treatment of people and the bringing of hope. I congratulate, and thank you for everything.

Lily Flores Ocaña

I had a serious “keratitis” problem, and Dr. Victor Flores made sure to heal the ulcer in my cornea. He timely followed up on my course and recovery, with the best disposition to answer all my concerns. Even after 3 months, he made sure to perform all the necessary tests and interventions to reduce the size of my corneal scar and therefore improve my vision. Dr. Flores is a trustworthy specialist with quite a lot of experience, who takes care of his patients.

Rosario Galván

When I was about to approach 40 I received the dreaded : “Watch out for Glaucoma”. Sure enough a few years later it was there. It is hereditary. I have battled with it since then, and with every few years having to add another treatment as the pressure was not coming down. Last year, at 71 years old I met Dr Victor Flores. I was continually losing peripheral vision in my left eye and he suggested surgery to halt the loss. I delayed for months, and the loss continued. This year, at the age of 72, after surgery, I am happy to announce that not only has my vision in that eye stabilized, but the pressure in the other has wonderfully lowered. I am so happy to congratulate you Dr Flores. May God continue to bless your hands as you bring healing to nations.

Merlyn Compton